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2011 in review

January 1, 2012

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,000 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 17 trips to carry that many people.

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Dummy Don …”I plight thee thy troth”

July 22, 2011

DUMMY DON  …by Don Cole

"You may now give the bride your credit cards."

Dummy Don : Pick, pick, pick…

July 18, 2011

DUMMY DON     …by Don Cole

"Pick, ptck, pick -- that's all you ever do!"

‘End of the World’ Story; Sloppy Media Reporting

May 21, 2011

‘End of the World’ story, sloppy media reporting!

About the ‘End of the World’ Harold Camping story. The media are not getting it right in their reporting of this story, about what Harold Camping has actually said and predicted.

First of all, he did not previously predict –and fail– about the coming of the end of the world, as reporters report. Rather; he wrote a book about the possibility, not a sure thing. This time he states that it is going to happen, for sure.  Years ago his Bible studies were not so advanced.

Another problem with the media is in failing to recognise those things attributed to Camping that he did not say, that May 21, 2011 would be the end of the world. What camping did say is that it would be a rapture event, and then five months following of judgement upon the earth, before the actual end of the world on October 21, 2011. Although, the next five months will be a much different earth than we now know, with all the death and horrors to be experienced by those left behind.

More sloppy reporting by the media, is in stating that Harold Camping says the end of the world will be at 6 PM everywhere around the world. What Camping actually predicts is that it probably will be about 6 PM in the USA, New York area. This tells me that it will probably be about 3 PM in California, and so on around the world. I also know that the scripture says that it will happen both day and night at the same time, which is just one of the several scriptures showing that the earth is round, and not flat as believed by the people of the day that it was written.

Do I believe that Camping is correct in his predictions about the end of the world? I don’t believe that he is. However, I haven’t studied the Bible as intensely as he has.

. I have heard Harold Camping state that the earth is a young earth, about 16,000 years old, –but any scientist will show and prove, by the evidences, that the earth is much much older than that. The Bible does not tell us how old the earth is, and the methods used, each of them, are flawed, i.e.trying to use Bible genealogies for that purpose for which they were not written. Also scriptures in the Bible using the number “one thousand” can be shown not to be a literal 1,000 years.  –dc

The Root of the Problem, –by Don Cole

January 27, 2011

Ref:   “Painting Islam with broad strokes is unfair”
   –a  DR Article by Bob Ingle,  POLITICS PATROL,  published Jan 27, 2011

“There certainly are militant followers of Islam just like there are militant Jews and militant Christians, but to paint all members of a group with a broad brush is unfair and not what we stand for in this country.”

I see this thought reiterated over and over again, but no one ever seems to address the heart of the situation. We need to go to the root of the problem. The problem –that frightens people– is the violence, and the Sharia Law, that the Quran itself actually teaches. The Quran is not akin to the teachings of American principles and freedoms that we cherish, or to Christianity, Judaism, or other peaceful religions. Many try to justify violence in the Quran by equating it with violence in the Bible Old Testament. We need to study the Bible, and also the Quran, –and all the history thereof. I believe that if someone says that he or she is a Muslim, –then that means their true loyalty goes to their own holy book, as to what I read in the Quran, no matter how they might appear to be or act otherwise.

More food for thought:  Tell me, what is a “militant Jew or Christian” ?  What did Jesus teach?  Compare what Jesus teaches to the teachings of Muhammad.  What is the “armour of God” that Christians are to wear?  What are some logical tests of a true prophet of God?  Can a true prophet of God ever, much less often, be wrong, i.e. things in nature, or in predicting the future, or in things of science, or of accurate and true knowledge beyond the times  they were  written, or from that which  was beyond the common belief of the day that the author lived? 

Instead of burying our head in the sand, –we need to go to the SOURCE itself.  Ask ourselves, ‘What, or where, is
 the AUTHORITY that we base our belief?  Where did it come from, and where and when did it start?  And who started it?
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Re-Editing Classic Books

January 9, 2011

New Translation
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Vantage Point

December 31, 2010

Faith, Hope, Love

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